The Editor is (on behalf of the Club) most grateful to the many individuals who have over the years collected and collated the inputs necessary for a history website such as this. The following is an attempt to list as many as possible.

Successive Boards for Annual Reports, Prospectus booklets, Club plans and Developments

Successive Managers for newsletters and the organisation of events which produce reports and photographs

Jim McLauchlan for his part in the creation of the 1986 50th Anniversary brochure, a document which has been a vital source of information for this history; also for useful background in the creation of this history.

The many amateur and professional photographers for the many photographs.

Individuals who have helped obtain photographs and biography material for our trophy winners, including Guy Macpherson-Grant (grandson of our first men’s winner) and others

Team and Club managers for casual and social accounts of the ‘Clubs within the Club

Alec Stevenson initially, and laterally Dave Ferguson and Colin Cruikshank for proof reading and editing, all of which I have reviewed and fully intend to implement in due course (just in case they check…)

Special mentions to John Done for many Annual Reports, Chris Milne for the Club opening newspaper cutting, John Harding-Edgar for a number of photos and articles, Duncan Currie for photo recognition and Andrew Forrest for a number of Annual Reports. Waverley-Dave Ferguson requires a special mention for information and memorabilia, also acting (with Yvonne) as the first tester of this site. Julie Learmonth has been a terrifically useful source for Club photographs, Staff members, Charity events and other information. She features large in the Charity Events page. Top referee Ian Allanach has provided a splendid critique of the Club, along with one of Waverley Dave. Dave Coutts supplied an excellent series of components for his Racketathon, and other articles. Alec Stevenson has also acted as a tester, and is going to continue in that capacity on an ad hoc basis. Glyn Cave provided a fine recording of his poem ‘ESC – Extra Special Community‘, and also acted as a tester. Latin support services are provided by Robert Philp. Steve Cubbins for some splendid images he has taken at ESC Opens and (we think) at the 2019 ECC event.

A number of key individuals who have agreed to be interviewed and provide an account of their life and times at the club, also to those family groups who contributed to the Dynasties page.

The members who over the years have performed as actors or been visible on the sidelines in the varied life of the Club (including the photo-bombers)

Anyone else who should have been but hasn’t been mentioned