This page will enable connection to several useful squash history websites. Not many sites record the fact that the RMS Titanic had a squash court, which can probably now be said to be the deepest in the World…some facts can be seen here It should be noted that the twenty-four year-old professional, Fred Wright, went down with the ship…

The ESC site – As Glyn put it- Extra Special Community – click here

The ESC Open site, with all details of the 2017-2020 events – click here

World Squash – has a useful page which covers much of the history of squash from the 18th century onward. Click here to access their site.

Scottish Squash – have a brief history in their website

English Squash – their history is recorded on a page which can be viewed here

The World Squash Library has loads of Squash-related information – click here

The Squash site – has around five years of archive material – click here

The European Club Championships (ECC) – the most recent (at ESC) – click here