Honours Boards and Trophies

Our Club has always been proud of its honours boards and trophies, displaying them in prominent locations around the club, pride of place going to the Ladies and Men’s Club Championship winners, the only boards displayed in the bar or lounge area.

Other Honours boards include the ESC Open Ladies and Men’s, the Club Junior Champions through the years, and more recent ESC 50 50 Club boards, which show winners from many clubs round Scotland, The Scottish Women’s Open Championship, played at ESC between 1937 and 1981 (graced by several World Champions including Heather Mackay), The Scottish Man’s amateur open, played between 1976 and 1981, and the Club Girls and Boys championships between 1983 and 1985.

We’ll start with Slide shows of Honours Boards and trophies, and hopefully expand this section with more images and information in due course. If you have trouble reading the names on the boards, a PDF is available with all details. The PDF holds details as follows;

  • Ladies Championship
  • Men’s Championship
  • Artemis/ESC Open
  • Veteran’s Trophy (The Dunlop Rosebowl)
  • The Club Open Handicap championship

Honours Boards

Click on any of the images below to enable a full screen slideshow



Our Trophies are split into two categories, firstly the serious ones, and secondly the not-so serious, or perhaps the fun ones

The Serious Trophies

Our most prized trophies are the Ladies and Men’s individual championships, but several others are shown here, including the ESC Open Ladies and Men’s, The McLauchlan trophy for the Summer Mini-Leagues, the annual ESC versus Fitzwilliam invitation trophy,


The not-so-serious Trophies

These trophies include The Gaylord Trophy, in memory of Neil Stewart, The Racketball Doubles trophy, the BBC Scotland Golden Boot Quiz trophy from 2000 and the The Ladies always allowed golf day trophy (ESC versus BLGS) 2013-2018