Underlying Sources

These pages will deal with topics such as Timeline, Existing history documents, Chronological tables, Buildings and site history, Annual reports and Newsletters. These are the components which simplify life for the historian, allowing accurate representation of the facts. They also form the basis of research material, but hopefully casual onlookers will also appreciate some of it!

  • Timeline – Thirty odd chronologically sequenced slides which show the evolution of the site and building – don’t miss the last slide!
  • Existing histories – The substantial 1986 booklet, along with a number of Dinner booklets, pamphlets and prospectus documents
  • Plans – of Building and site – around 70 plans and photographs explaining the schemes which were developed, along with those which were not.
  • Annual Reports – most of them are available back as far as 1946, but summaries of the last twenty or so are provided here
  • Newsletters – these were common in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, but were overtaken by websites, social media and the like