This page will seek to provide a variety of statistics about the club. The information herein has been carefully researched, and copies of the underlying spreadsheets are available on request

  • Membership numbers over the years
  • Number of squash booking sessions completed
  • Number of pints served over the bar
  • Cost of construction of the various components
  • Many other (nearly) Interesting facts

Membership numbers over the years: What we are trying to establish is how many different members we have had since 1937. This includes all categories, e.g. Temporary, Junior and Country Members. We have taken into account the notion that for many members there is only one ‘exit point’.

Number of squash Bookings completed; bookings have taken different forms over the years. In the mid 1950’s, court time was an extra fee, and (theoretically) the Annual Report accounts show the income from court booking. In the 1970’s, the famous court booking sheet system was introduced, and statistics were drawn from these. Since around 2010, booking has been online, and all recorded bookings can be summarised. In all three methods however, one doesn’t really know if the court was used. Given all this variety of information, a number has been calculated, and displayed in the table below.

Number of pints served over the bar: This most important piece of information has been carefully calculated. In recent years, the Government’s attempts to ensure we drive responsibly and soberly, has resulted in a few years of reduction of pints per journey made, but this has simply helped even out the excessive numbers of pints which Club members consumed in the 1950’s and beyond before considering it safe to drive home on Edinburgh’s risky highways.

Membership Numbers through the years12,500
Number of completed squash bookings2,500,000
Number of pints served1,000,000
Note – all figures are decent approximations

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