In our modern World (post 2010 or so), Newsletters became passe; Social Networking became the norm, with websites filling the gaps in order to provide an information portal for members. This section of the history provides a little insight into the printed Newsletters and other paper handouts with which our Club kept its members informed from 1996 to 2000. Each newsletter is shown in full in a slideshow (use the top right control to control the showing of a particular image), and is also available as a PDF.

1996 May Newsletter

Our first available Newsletter was produced prior to Dave Thomas’s arrival, so presumably by Ian Williams, although one suspects that the Board was largely responsible for it. Announcements included the forthcoming Lottery Fund Application, and the startling news that Subs were to be kept at the same level as the previous year, principally because we had plenty of funds, and membership had risen to over 1000. One Committee member resigned in protest. Extensive refurbishments were reported, and Sponsors included Rod Goodson and Charlie Fyfe (the Newsletter), and Michael Campbell for the Masters Quaich. The Club Champions were Brian Tait and Irene Cowper, and no fewer than thirty four other names are mentioned. A list of around twenty items showed what you got for your membership, and a full programme of events is also shown on the last page. To see a PDF version, click here.

1996 October Newsletter

The Club celebrated its 60th Anniversary, and membership levels rose again. The ‘Moan corner’ included the old chestnut – too much water on the sauna coals! – also missing gym keys (that was when you required a key to get in). Team Sponsors included Quality Mark Wholesale (remember Ian and Jackie McMorris), and the (late great) Dougie Yule scholarship was awarded – a free membership for a Craigroyston pupil. Page 3 saw a full report of the Summer Mini Leagues, the Grapecrushers being crowned Champions. More abusive copy included ‘The Referees Nightmare‘ and ‘Worst dressed player‘ awards, and a trophy for a rejuvenated Jim McLauchlan who “somehow” won the Handicap plate. The back page showed 60th Anniversary shirts at £18.50 (Brian Suddaby still has a few), with the cheapest squash racket at £37.50. Gordon Bell and Alistair MacIntosh won the golf and tennis championships respectively. A slide show is available below, or click here for a PDF version.

1997 February Newsletter

The death and funeral of Club favourite Tom Cain were covered. We had a new manager to replace Derek Dolphin, and the Ladies might like to explain how ‘hand slapping’, ‘chocolate sliding’ and ‘table walking’ were to be encouraged at the Ladies Christmas night out, particularly with two medics. named among the protagonists of these particular ‘sports’. Some results from a development questionnaire were included, but insufficient to declare the exercise a success. Interesting however that a swimming pool option was popular, and that someone even proposed a Real Tennis court. The questions are shown in the slideshow. The 100 Club progress was described, the first prize each month being £150. A slide show is available below, or click here for a PDF version.

1997 Summer Newsletter

The front page shows a photograph of our neighbours tennis court in 1887, complete with players and many spectators. The Club sports Champions were revealed, Helen MacFie and Niall Mackinnon winning at squash, and all the racketball results are also shown. International caps awarded, and National and Regional competitions won by Club members are also shown. An appreciation of the life of Bill Nimmo M.C., a long term member of the Geriatric doubles squash group is recorded, as is a profile of Dr John Done, one of our most distinguished squash players. A slide show is available below, or click here for a PDF version.

1997 November Newsletter

This newsletter, one of the first produced by Manager Dave Thomas, was a glossy coloured edition featuring the Bronze medal won at the European team championships by our Ladies team, the flying visit of the Sultan of Brunei, Christmas events calendar, Tennis championship winners and Fred Multon’s Peking to Paris motor rally news. A Prince ‘Power Ring’ squash racket retailed at £90, while Ladies ‘Adrenalin Pro’ squash shoes were £35. Twenty three years later, these seem to be similar prices to today’s; has inflation really been that low? A three course Christmas lunch at £9.90 was however a snip. A slide show is available below, or click here for a PDF version.

1999 Summer Newsletter

The ESC ladies team of Lisa McKenna, Jacqui Edwards, Helen Macfie and Laura Hamilton won the Bronze medal in the 1998 European Squash Club Championships. The ESC U/12 team won their East of Scotland league without losing a match. A new club computerised system was inaugurated on 1st July, including a card entry feature and online bookings. In the ESC Open competition, Claire Waddle beat Senga Macfie in the Ladies competition, while Stuart Cowie won the Men’s Open. The ‘A’ and ‘B’ competitions were won by Richard Snowden and Trevor Mitchell respectively. A slide show is available below, and for a PDF version, click here

2000 Summer Newsletter

The new Millennium newsletter featured the end-of-season results, the Club Championship results (where David Heath and Senga Macfie prevailed), signup information for tennis and racketball, and a farewell message to Adam and Asley Ralston. We couldn’t get rid of them forever, as they simply came back a few years later, and thankfully are still to be seen about the club, Adam as a member. A slide show is available below, or click here for a PDF version.