ESC History – an introduction

“In the early thirties, when trousers were wide and shorts were long, a group of Edinburgh lawyers and businessmen met regularly and bemoaned the fact that there were insufficient facilities readily available for playing squash”. Thus read the opening paragraph of the 1986 Edinburgh Sports Club history.

For a taste of yesteryear through current times, have look at these ten images below – they are on display in A1 format (3′ x 2′) in the lower squash court corridor – click on any of them to enable a full screen display

This history has been many years in the making: You will see photographs from the opening date and before, read the 50th Anniversary brochure from 1986, and a great number of documents and photographs spanning all the years until today. Another example is the brochure for the 75th Anniversary dinner on 9th July 2011. The many photographs in that document show the development of the club in the intervening years..

The highly unofficial Club logo, created specially for the history website – the clue is in the text…

A gallery is shown below which encompasses a number of the key events in the Club’s formation and evolution, from the plans prepared in February 1936, through the 9th October 1936 Opening to the victorious Scotland side versus England in 1964.

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Our Club has always fostered a feeling of friendship and fellowship, as many of those contributing to the Interview pages were at pains to mention, and this feeling was captured wonderfully by Glyn Cave in his poem ESC – Extra Special Community You can also listen to Glyn reading the poem.

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A walk through the Club’s Development
NEWSLETTERS – how news was spread before the advent of the internet
SOCIAL EVENTS – the Club has always done ‘Social’ to the best of its ability !

They make the club. Interviews, profiles, and dynasties
Scottish ladies Open 1937-1975.
PHOTO ALBUMS – an essential part of any good website
Major Events
All the big events, including The ESC Opens
A 1968 sketch plan. Plans are available from 1936 onward
Brian Bathgate’s 1934 Railton Fairmile Coupe reg. no AMS 802 in Hailes park, 1958