Member’s Cars

ESC Members have for many years owned special motor cars, and this topic aims to show as many as possible of them. The list will be added to from time to time, but the current offerings start in 1953; If you believe that your jalopy is worthy of joining the exclusive company displayed, please contact us.

STOP PRESS March 2021 – due to potential prosecution for revealing number plates, a few entries have been ‘sanitised’.

The Bentley shown in the 1953 Club visit to Richmond

Michael Campbell’s Austin Swallow which was forced off our access road into the mill lade in 1956, reg SC 9170

The Bathgate’s 1934 Railton Fairmile Coupe Reg No AMS 802 pictured in 1958 near the family home in Hailes Park

Peter McG***’s dark blue Bentley which was abandoned by its owner in the car park. A good proportion of the 1996 AGM was spent discussing this, but it was to be a full year before it was eventually moved

Charlie Fyfe’s yellow Mercedes SL500 roadster

Jardine Graham’s Lotus Evora, Reg No ABC 123 (ok – we know that’s not it…)

Roy Cowper’s model Mazda 6. V23 *** What does the reg. no. mean?

Another Cowper vintage – this 1974 MGB was bought in 1978 from Club member Jim Brydie

Derek Bathgate with a SAAB estate car, formerly owned by Philip Mackenzie Ross

JJ’s stylish Saab 93 Aero convertible

Ian Boyd’s Audi Q3, whose plate was Sylvia Boyd’s father’s in the late 1940’s. Ian also features in the Dynasties and Clubs within the Club (Geriatrics) pages

Tony Gay (a.k.a. TonySquash) has a van Reg. no. AK12 ETD which is recognisable to many of us. He has undertaken virtually all of our squash court floor and major wall refurbishment over the past few years.

The 2008 Czech Wrecks Banger Rally

There was bound to be at least one offbeat entry…. In 2008, ex-club barman Tony Rae’s nuptials were on the horizon, an alternative to the usual long weekend in Benidorm was sought, and the team of 18 didn’t pick an easy alternative.   They bought, restored and painted five bangers, and drove to Calais to join many other similar wrecks on the Czech Wrecks Banger Rally, whose end point was Prague.    Several fathers joined their sons in the group, including ESC’s Les Pratt, and Tony’s dad Tom (who still occupies the house behind the Padel courts).   The accompanying must-watch video and still photos give a flavour of the event, which involved scary driving, loads of eating and drinking, high-jinks and WGOTSOT*.    In Prague, they sold all five vehicles, then flew home.   Simple. Click here for the must-watch YouTube – Czech Wrecks Banger Rally, here for a PDF account of the trip, and here to see a slideshow of the madcap event.

A gallery of all the cars in ‘The Members Cars article are shown below – click on any of the photos to enable a full-screen slideshow.


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The 2008 Czech Wrecks Banger Rally a.k.a. Tony Rae’s stag week.

In case you are wondering, the frenetic soundtrack is by ‘Yello’ – ‘The Race’ –   Background to song at – perhaps we should update the Wiki ‘In popular culture’ entry to include this 2008 escapade…

The following are a selection of still images from the event – click on any of them to enable a full screen slideshow.

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