Existing histories

The Club is fortunate to possess many documents and artefacts which taken together provide a good insight to its history. The splendid 50th anniversary booklet of 1986 is augmented by dinner programmes from the 75th anniversary in 2011, followed by the 80th and 81st in 2016 and 2017 respectively. These are available here as PDF files, which are searchable if required. The 75th, 80th and 81st items are heavily populated by photographs, anecdotes, statistics, sponsors and staff members. Also available are prospectus documents from the 1950’s, and a pamphlet prepared for the 2009/2010 Edinburgh Open Doors day events.

The 1986 History is a 32 page A4 booklet, with excellent descriptions of the life of the Club, enhanced by many photographs, pen pictures and Club and international records The booklet was produced by a group of members including the evergreen Jim McLauchlan. A dinner was held in the nearby Dragonara Hotel – since renamed several times, currently in 2020 as the Britannia.. Nine Club personalities were featured in an interview format, just one of them (Olly Balfour) being interviewed again for this history – click here to see those featured. Very few other artefacts remain from the celebrations, but the short photo display below is the best we can do at the moment.

Click below to see a PDF of the 50th Anniversary booklet.

1986 – the 50th Anniversary booklet

In 2009 and again in 2010, the Club took part in the annual Edinburgh Open Doors day weekend. 2009 saw in excess of 300 visitors, who were treated to a slideshow followed by a conducted tour of the club’s facilities. Of particular interest to many visitors were the variety of Art Deco features of the building. The nearby Bells Mill site was explained, particularly as the mill lade which powered it occupies an important part of the ESC site. The slideshow below comprises a number of images shown during the event.

A tri-fold pamphlet was prepared for the event, and can be seen by clicking the link below.

2009 – The Open Doors day pamphlet

The 75th Anniversary of the Club was celebrated by a splendid dinner attended by a bevy of famous club Players, former Chairmen and many guests. The booklet shown below included the menu and toast list, also many photographs, records and memorabilia from the event. The Scotsman ran a feature, with several members, including Stevie Sproule and Raymond Stevenson contributing (PDF here). Edinburgh Life’s Peter Bourhill took some splendid photographs, and an article was published in his magazine. The slideshow below shows a variety of images from the evening.

2011 – the 75th Anniversary dinner booklet

The 80th Anniversary was celebrated by a dinner which was largely modelled on the 2011 75th event. The brochure included a page which featured the many sporting successes of that year.

2016 – the 80th Anniversary dinner booklet

The 2017 Anniversary dinner booklet for the 81st year of the Club has a page celebrating the success of club members in a variety of racket sports. The slideshow below has a number of images from the publication.

2017 – the 81st Anniversary dinner booklet

The 1950’s Club Prospectus documents are early examples of the Club seeking to publicise itself to Edinburgh and beyond. Features include black and white photos of the squash and social areas, the membership and coaching charges (subscriptions all in guineas), and extensive period advertising. The application form required a proposer and seconder, and a substantial joining fee existed in those days. Click here to see a PDF of of pages from 1950’s Club Prospectus documents.

The gallery shown below shows a selection of images from two 1950’s prospectus pamphlets. It shows that annual fees for men were six guineas (five for ladies). Six guineas equates to around £230 in 2020 money. However, with court fees for roughly a couple of games a week, that would nearly double the annual cost. A full membership in 2020 is £645, but for that subscription.we now offer many more facilities than were available in the 1950’s