European Club Championships

Ladies Teams

Our ladies teams have contested the Championships for many years, as the club consistently had the best team in Scotland. Our earliest photographs are from 1992. On at least two occasions in the 1990’s, our ladies represented Scotland despite not winning the championship – the other team could not afford to send the players to Europe.

1992 – Alison Bowie, Gillian Munro and Desni Nixon win the Bronze medal

1993 – Un-named team comes 9th out of 12

1994 – Un-named team, but probably with Alison Bowie, Irene Cowper and Lisa McKenna comes 5th out of 12

1995 – Un-named, but probably including Lisa McKenna, come 5th out of 12

1997 – Lisa McKenna, Helen Macfie, Juliet Milne and Fiona Stevenson win Bronze medal in Lisbon

1998 – Lisa McKenna, Jacqui Edwards, Helen Macfie and Laura Hamilton win Bronze medal in Vienna

2000 – Senga and Helen Macfie, Lisa McKenna and Juliet Milne win the Bronze medal

2002 – No names

2018 – Eindhoven – Georgia Adderley, Carrie Hallam and Captain Elspeth Young win the Bronze medal. Website is available here

2019 – ESC – Georgia Adderley, Carrie Hallam, Kylie Lindsay and Jessica Shaw come 5th out of 8 – website here


Mens Teams

Pre-2010 our men’s teams could not compete with other Scottish clubs who for many years paid players to play league and cup matches. Consequently, we didn’t win the cup so didn’t get into the European Club Championships.

2017 Apr Dougie Kempsell, Rory Stewart, Simon Boughton and Ross McHoul – win the Scottish League and therefore are Scotland’s representatives at ECC Paderborn

One assumes that the financial downturn was the reason that those clubs stopped paying for ‘mercenaries’ (although we did somehow qualify in 2000) but in any event we once again qualified in 2014, and have been back to most of them since, with the 2019 event at the club being one of the highlights. The 2017 appearance was due to the men winning the Scottish League at Newlands (photo here) for the first time since 1987.

2000 – Simon Boughton and others finish 4th

2013 – Riccione – more supporters than players ! Tournament website is here Simon Boughton, Jacques Laas, Ross McHoul, Colin Stirrat, Nick Forrest and Andrew Wilkinson. 12th place of 17 teams.

2017 Paderborn – Dougie Kempsell, Rory Stewart, Simon Boughton, Ross McHoul, Jacques Laas, James Riches and Gareth Brown ; 6th place of 13 teams. Unusually, there are a few action action shots of the players; one might think they were normally socialising elsewhere… Tournament website is here

2018 Eindhoven – Rory Stewart, Simon Boughton, Jacques Laas, Ross McHoul, Pietro Gargliadino and Nick Forrest. 5th place of 12 teams. Website is available here

2019 EdinburghBronze medal winners. Rory Stewart, Stuart George, Chris Leiper, Simon Boughton, Ross McHoul Website here

There are a host of photos from the 2019 event at the Club, and they deserve a separate gallery – click on any of the images to enable a full screen slideshow..