What’s missing?

This site will hopefully eventually contain all the correct and relevant material, but as of now (May 2021) it is what it is. The following is however a list of those components which are as yet intentionally missing, and another list of the items which are distinctly Work in Progress (WIP). If you don’t see what you are looking for in the active site, or the two lists shown here, please contact the website administrator.

(Intentionally) Missing components

  • Any financial or member statistics in last thirty years plus – if members require any specifics, contact us
  • Photographs for which we do not have publishing permission, e.g. Juniors and commercial images
  • Any element of history for anything other than ESC, e.g. Scottish Squash, or any other Scottish squash club.
  • Other topics about which we will no doubt be informed…

Components which are currently WIP

  • A history ‘commentary’, in the same style as that in the 1986 History. It is essential that all underlying history components are available prior to this undertaking. It will be one of the last tasks attempted.
  • Photo Albums and Photographs various
  • Identification of various individuals in photos. YOUR help is required – please contact us giving details of the photo(s) in question. Please provide your contact details if they are not already visible on the ESC website (or if you are not an ESC member).
  • More annual report extracts
  • More interviews, and more content for the existing ones
  • An article explaining the development of the tennis courts. We have all the info. but…
  • A Table Tennis ‘through the ages’ report, from Eddie Still to the present day. Three or four individuals have been approached, and the editor awaits their copy (but David Hollingdale has already done his bit).
  • Create pages for the items which we know are missing, e.g. ‘Therapy’ – which will include the classes we offer for Pilates, Stretching, Personal Training and others.
  • Standardisation of links and link colours, and other inconsistencies shown up by the testing process
  • A method of keeping the history up to date. Our suggestion is to use the (publishable) part of the Annual Report, and beef it up with extra text, photographs, links to contemporary articles and so on. We are planning to create one of these for 2021
  • We are working on persuading a few individuals to create a COVID report, voicing their experiences, concerns, work-rounds, exercise regimes and more