The Club has, from it’s inception, had a succession of Dynasties. Paul Harding-Edgar was the first, starting in 1937 – his wife Bethia and sister Rachel continuing the family line, with his successor today being son John. The most recent addition is the Richmonds, from Norma through to grandchildren Rory and Murray, with future targets the Paterson Browns, Macaris, Linds, Taits and the Cowpers. In this history, a ‘Dynasty’ is defined as either a minimum of three successive generations, or a minimum of three family relations, e.g. Parent, Child plus a Cousin. A recurring feature of the ladies in the dynasties are the name changes between single and married status.

The Harding-Edgars

Read a short biography of the Harding-Edgars here.

  • Paul Harding-Edgar: Club Champion 1947/48/49
  • Bethia Harding-Edgar (wife of Paul): Club Champion 1939 (as Miss Keith-Murray), then Club Champion in 1948 as Mrs Harding-Edgar
  • Rachel Harding-Edgar:(sister of Paul): Club Champion in 1953/54/55
  • John Harding-Edgar: Son of Paul and Bethia, nephew of Rachel: Club junior finalist in the 1960’s (versus Chris Wilson), Club team player 1970’s and 1980’s

The McLure/Boyd family

Christine McClure (displayed on the Honours Board as Mrs A Logan McClure) won the Ladies Championship on three occasions before and after WW2. Her daughter Christine, won five times between 1962 and 967, before marrying Ian Boyd, then winning it a further three times between 1973 and 1976. Husband Ian is a redoubtable member of the Geriatrics.

  • Mrs Christine McClure (nee Jones): Club Champion 1937/38 and 1949/50
  • Miss Sylvia C F McClure: Daughter of Christine: Club Champion 1962-1965, 1967
  • Mrs S C F Boyd: (married name of Sylvia): Club Champion 1973/75/76
  • Ian Boyd (Husband of Sylvia): Member of the ‘Geriatrics’ for many years

The Richmonds

The Richmond family have been gracing the Club courts since the 1960’s. Norma was introduced to the club in 1967 by her husband Alastair, and her grandchildren are currently leading Scottish Junior players.

  • Norma – competitive Squash and tennis since 1967.   Board member 1991-1992
    • Won Tennis mixed doubles in 2019 with son Adrian (ok, so they defaulted due to injury)
  • Alastair (husband to Norma) – introduced her to the Club in 1967.   Sadly died in 1972 aged 28
    • Alastair MacIntosh remembers him as fairly uncompromising, tough and determined opponent.  A photo is shown taken whilst he and Norma lived in Teheran, and he hosted the English team of Nigel Faulkes and Mike Hill.
  • Adrian (born 1971).  
    • joined the club in 1980 for squash and tennis, and first squash tournament (Lothian junior under 12) at the Club in 1981
    • In 1985, Dougie Yuille (Firhill teacher and ESC voluntary coach) took us to Germany (Lubeck), Finland (Helsinki, Lahti) and Sweden (Stockholm and Malmo – where Rory has since played).      We trained with Swedish and Finnish juniors: travelled with Graeme Kemp and others
    • At Stewarts, we came third in UK under 19 schools cup, other ESC players were Stuart Licudi, Graeme Kemp, Steven Hermiston (all ESC) and Andrew Shanks (Waverley)
    • Won doubles racketball 1992 with Graeme Kemp and 1993 with Dave Hickman
    • Won the Club veterans championship in 2016, 2018 and 2019
    • Won Tennis mixed doubles in 2019 with Mum Norma
  • Rachel – Adrian’s wife – Member since 2015 (current Board member), competitive Padel player, and club interior designer. If you would like to see what she did with the Club lounge to celebrate her 50th birthday bash – click here
  • Rory – Son no 1 – Scotland Under 15 Champion in 2019.    Represented Scotland 18 Times at Under 13 and Under 15 level in Home Internationals and In European Team Championships
  • Murray – Son no 2 – Club U13 champion.  East of Scotland U13 player (and 2019 European Club Championship court cleaner of the year)
  • Angus – Son no 3 – Played in the ESC #Bounceback tournament in Nov and Dec 2020. He reckons he’ll be better than the other two…

In the slideshow below, we are fortunate to have obtained a photo of Alastair Richmond, also one of Norma as she joined the Board. Click on any of the photos to enable a full screen slideshow.