Fringe events

The Club has a few natural locations for theatrical events, including court 5 and the doubles court, also the lounge. A couple of performances were mounted on the Edinburgh Fringe in the early 2000’s, including one, presented on court 5, which was simply, and appropriately named ‘SQUASH’. Sadly, competing performers on the doubles court meant frequent interruptions to the performances (and to the games when frequent complaints were made…! A major event, BurlESCque was mounted in 2009, with a further mis-spelled event ‘OrchESCtrations the following year. More recently, in 2019, SPLICED, featuring an extraordinary virtuoso performance by Timmy Creed played on court 7, expensively fitted out for the run with purpose-build raked seating for around 40. A full report of all Fringe events will be provided in due course, but a short slideshow of BurlESCque 2009 is included in the meantime.