Volunteers, Donors and Sponsors

The Club has benefitted from much assistance from Volunteers and Donors over the years. Charity Events also impinge on this topic, and a separate page has been created for them.


Volunteers are in a number of categories, as follows:

  1. Building maintenance
  2. Sports assistance, including team management
  3. Event organisation
  4. Other


Donors generally are anonymous, and are also in a number of categories, as follows:

  1. Single event, e.g. ESC Open
  2. Equipment, e.g. table tennis tables
  3. Individual teams – over thirty company names can be seen on team outfits
  4. Individual players – generous members have sponsored players
  5. Lottery, e.g. the 50 50 club
  6. Other


Sponsors have been an integral part of our fund-raising exploits over the years. Players kit, the tennis and squash courts, club publications and more recently the website have all carried the names of generous sponsors. The 2016 81st Anniversary dinner contained a list which was meant to be up to date at the time – and is reproduced below.

The sponsors currently (2021) shown on the website are Investec and Shepherd Chartered Surveyors, although solicitors Johnston and Carmichael were there until mid 2020, and Lorn Macneal Architects also featured for a while