These pages seek to show the importance of People in our Club, and include around twenty interviews conducted with a wide variety of significant individuals. Staff also feature prominently, we have mention of the assorted jalopies which have fascinated us, and a selection of dynastic heritage – right from the start it was clear that family connections were going to be important.

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  • Interviews – We’re aiming for twenty, nearly there…
  • Dynasties from 1936 onwards; three generations vertically and or horizontally qualify
  • Clubs within the ClubGeriatrics, Tennis, Racketball and others
  • Management and Staff – We’ve close on a hundred different staff, contractors and coaches just since 2000
  • Member’s Cars – Posh, utilitarian, vintage and miscellaneous are all included
  • Board Members – The quiet minority, who keep their heads down. These Ladies and Gentlemen have been fighting to keep our club successful for the last eighty years