Index and Glossary

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 Term MeaningNotes
AAThe editor
Arcanum Urbis Bene LatensThe City’s Best Kept Secret
Auld ReekieThe Bathgate’s puffer
BathplugsThe Bathgate brothers
Club Edinburgh Sports Club 
GardyLooThe Bathgates worked on her
Gemma CelataHidden GemPronounced ‘Jemma Kaylata’
JJThe Manager
LAAGDLadies Always Allowed Golf Day (trophy) – a trophy awarded at the annual or sometimes biannual ESC versus Bruntsfield (BLGS) golf matchesClick here to see some match details
LivesA sadistic gladiatorial spectator experienceSee Charity page for full explanation
RacketathonA term dreamed up by Dave Coutts to permit 24 hour play for Charity
Share CertificateUntil the mid 1990’s members held a One Shilling (5p) share in the Company – ESC being a Company limited by a share issue. Certificates were issue to members until, it is thought, the late 1960’s.. Click here to see an example
SofaWhat most Club members hide behind when phoned by the editor
WaverleyDaveDave Ferguson
WIP Work in progress Don’t hold your breath